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Because this book is for those who recognize that anything worth having is worth working for.

Ultimately, this book is for those who already know — or those who are willing to learn — that the only thing that truly stands between the person they are and the person they want to be is themselves. If this sounds like you — or like someone you want to be — then this book will likely be well worth your time and investment. That is one of my goals in writing this book. I truly want this book to change your life for the better.

Each piece is written to be as potent as possible. Every sentence, paragraph, and lesson is as concise as I was able to make it given my understanding of the lesson being shared at the time and my current skill in writing it. Arriving off Ross Island on 4 January , Terra Nova scouted for possible landing sites around Cape Crozier at the eastern point of the island, [52] [53] before proceeding to McMurdo Sound to its west, where both Discovery and Nimrod had previously landed. As the seas to the south froze over, the expedition would have ready access over the ice to Hut Point and the Barrier.

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At Cape Evans the shore parties disembarked, with the ponies, dogs, the three motorised sledges one of which was lost during unloading , [56] and the bulk of the party's stores. Scott was "astonished at the strength of the ponies" as they transferred stores and materials from ship to shore. On its return westward along the Barrier edge, Terra Nova encountered Amundsen's expedition camped in the Bay of Whales , an inlet in the Barrier.

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Amundsen was courteous and hospitable, willing for Campbell to camp nearby and offering him help with his dogs. Scott received the news on 22 February, during the first depot-laying expedition. According to Cherry-Garrard, the first reaction of Scott and his party was an urge to rush over to the Bay of Whales and "have it out" with Amundsen. The proper, as well as the wiser, course is for us to proceed exactly as though this had not happened. To go forward and do our best for the honour of our country without fear or panic.

The final depot would be the largest, and would be known as One Ton Depot. The journey started on 27 January "in a state of hurry bordering on panic", according to Cherry-Garrard. A few days later, after the march had resumed, Scott sent the three weakest ponies home two died en route. Scott returned to Safety Camp with the dogs, after risking his own life to rescue a dog-team that had fallen into a crevasse. Later, as the surviving ponies were crossing the sea ice near Hut Point, the ice broke up.

Despite a determined rescue attempt, three more ponies died. On 23 April, the sun set for the duration of the winter months, and the party settled into the Cape Evans hut.

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Under Scott's naval regime the hut was divided by a wall made of packing cases, so that officers and men lived largely separate existences, scientists being deemed "officers" for this purpose. The surviving ponies needed daily exercise, and the dogs required regular attention. To ensure that physical fitness was maintained there were frequent games of football in the half-light outside the hut; Scott recorded that "Atkinson is by far the best player, but Hooper, P.

Evans and Crean are also quite good. On 9 February they sailed northwards, arriving at Robertson Bay , near Cape Adare on 17 February , where they built a hut close to Norwegian explorer Carstens Borchgrevink 's old quarters. The Northern Party spent the winter in their hut. Their exploration plans for the summer of — could not be fully carried out, partly because of the condition of the sea ice and also because they were unable to discover a route into the interior. They were to be picked up on 18 February after the completion of further geological work, [77] but due to heavy pack ice, the ship was unable to reach them.

On 17 April a party under Edward Atkinson, in command at Cape Evans during the absence of the polar party, went to relieve Campbell's party, but were beaten back by the weather. Despite their physical weakness, the whole party managed to reach Cape Evans on 7 November , after a perilous journey which included a crossing of the difficult Drygalski Ice Tongue. The objective of this journey was geological exploration of the coastal area west of McMurdo Sound, in a region between the McMurdo Dry Valleys and the Koettlitz Glacier. On 30 January , the party established its main depot in the Ferrar Glacier region, and then conducted explorations and survey work in the Dry Valley and Taylor Glacier areas before moving southwards to the Koettlitz Glacier.

After further work there, they started homewards on 2 March , taking a southerly route to Hut Point, where they arrived on 14 March. The main journey began on 14 November , and involved difficult travel over sea ice to Granite Harbour, which was reached on 26 November. Headquarters were established at a site christened Geology Point, and a stone hut was built.

During the following weeks, exploration and surveying work took place on the Mackay Glacier, and a range of features to the north of the glacier were identified and named. The party was due to be picked up by Terra Nova on 15 January , but the ship could not reach them. The party waited until 5 February before trekking southward, and were rescued from the ice when they were finally spotted from the ship on 18 February. Geological specimens from both Western Mountains expeditions were retrieved by Terra Nova in January This journey was conceived by Wilson.

He had suggested the need for it in the Zoology section of the Discovery Expedition's Scientific Reports, and was anxious to follow up this earlier research. The journey's scientific purpose was to secure emperor penguin eggs from the rookery near Cape Crozier at an early embryo stage, so that "particular points in the development of the bird could be worked out". A secondary purpose was to experiment with food rations and equipment in advance of the coming summer's polar journey. Travelling during the Antarctic winter had not been previously tried; Scott wrote that it was "a bold venture, but the right men have gone to attempt it.

Often the daily distance travelled was little more than a single mile. After reaching Cape Crozier on 15 July the party built an igloo from snow blocks, stone, and a sheet of wood they had brought for the roof. The storm also carried away the tent upon which their survival would depend during their return journey, but fortunately this was recovered, half a mile away. Cossar Stewart at the University of Edinburgh. Cherry-Garrard afterwards described this as the "worst journey in the world", [98] and used this as the title of the book that he wrote in as a record of the entire Terra Nova Expedition.

Scott called the Winter Journey "a very wonderful performance", [95] and was highly satisfied with the experiments in rations and equipment: "We are as near perfection as experience can direct. On 13 September , Scott revealed his plans for the South Pole march. Sixteen men would set out, using the two remaining motor sledges, ponies and dogs for the Barrier stage of the journey, which would bring them to the Beardmore Glacier. At this point the dogs would return to base and the ponies would be shot for food.

Thereafter, twelve men in three groups would ascend the glacier and begin the crossing of the polar plateau, using man-hauling. Only one of these groups would carry on to the pole; the supporting groups would be sent back at specified latitudes. The composition of the final polar group would be decided by Scott during the journey. The Motor Party Lt. Scott's initial plan was that the dogs would return to base at this stage.

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On 4 December the expedition had reached the Gateway, the name given by Shackleton to the route from the Barrier on to the Beardmore Glacier. At this point a blizzard struck, forcing the men to camp until 9 December and to break into rations intended for the Glacier journey. On 11 December , Meares and Dimitri turned back with the dogs, carrying a message back to base that "things were not as rosy as they might be, but we keep our spirits up and say the luck must turn. The party began the ascent of the Beardmore, and on 20 December reached the beginning of the polar plateau where they laid the Upper Glacier Depot.

There was still no hint from Scott as to who would be in the final polar party. The remaining eight men continued south, in better conditions which enabled them to make up some of the time lost on the Barrier. By 30 December they had "caught up" with Shackleton's — timetable. Evans, Lashly and Crean would return to Cape Evans. The decision to take five men forward involved recalculations of weights and rations, since everything had been based on four-men teams. They reached the Pole the next day, 17 January "The Pole.

Yes, but under very different circumstances from those expected Great God! This is an awful place and terrible enough for us to have laboured to it without the reward of priority. Well, it is something to have got here" Scott still hoped to race Amundsen to the telegraph cablehead in Australia: "Now for a desperate struggle to get the news through first.

I wonder if we can do it. After confirming their position and planting their flag, Scott's party turned homewards. Glei is obsessed with how to make great creative work in the Age of Distraction. Follow her jkglei. For me a good executive, got to have both: charisma, and mensch. Very often charisma makes people engage to a cause in the first place, probably because they love the way the leader is, his aura…etc. But overtime charisma is not enough to engage people, they need more than attitude, and aura to follow you.

So i definitely think that the leader can really capitalize if he takes his legitimacy both from charisma and mensch. I think in essence all designers help people change their mind about something through what we do. I really like what Guy is saying here. I think we tend to lose sight of the 3 pillars he mentioned because we get too focused on the quantity.

So we forget about the quality. The quality of the relationship. The quality of the customer service.

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The quality of the product. The quality of the overall experience and interaction. Showing that you actually care genuinely of course : can go a long way. In my experience in Customer Service, Sales, Consulting and Blogging and even Life in general , showing that you actually care about the person on the other end, there experience and how it relates to yourself or your product or service, can pay huge dividends. Awwwsuuuuuummm Stuff!! Luv it! Thanks for sharing this! This article just changed my perspective about my approach to life, business and entrepreneurship.

I really needed this one today. Just launched my t-shirt line site shop. Thanks Guy! Very beautiful article………………. I think. The IDEO leader discusses how creative industries have evolved, from the early socialization of design thinking to the urgent challenge of design ethics. The 99U Team - June Slack's Head of Brand Communications on why words matter in product design, and how to wield them. Berlin-based Maurice Joosten takes us through his scent branding process, with roots in a centuries-old Japanese tradition and very modern take on another dimension of logo work. Emily Ludolph - June The competition is only getting stronger.

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Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1) Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1)
Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1) Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1)
Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1) Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1)
Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1) Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1)
Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1) Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1)
Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1) Stand Out (The 99 Day Leadership Journey Book 1)

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