The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)

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I started to devote my energy to other aspects of my life concerning my future.

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Going out and meeting girls was no longer important at all, in fact, I stopped caring completely. Ironically, that drew more quality women into my life and it filtered out all the needy, insecure, unstable women that I wouldn't want to deal with anyway. Because I didn't care about egotistically conquering women anymore; if a girl didn't like my lifestyle or who I was, she was free to leave at any moment. I stopped fearing losing anyone because I learned that establishing a relationship on lies or fear is doomed from the start to begin with.

And by lies I even mean denying the fact you really just want sex from someone and nothing more. If you can establish a relationship of pure honesty, then you can actually build a deeper and more meaningful connection rather than have a shady, manipulative, and fearful attachment. People will not get hurt because emotions are minimal, there are no surprises, and there is more respect between each other.

As long as you both remain honest about yourselves these relationships can be highly enjoyable even if you are not looking to be committed. You may be wondering why I have chosen to expose such a personal side of my life. Well for one, I am not ashamed of growing up, and two, what better source is there to get this information from other than a person who was an actual womanizer? I am not saying I still don't date women as I did, but the whole meaning behind it is different. I have deeper connections with people who actually matter and I don't waste my time chasing women I wouldn't care for or respect anyway.

In fact, I don't chase women at all. I can't even fake liking someone I don't like and I will only put forth any effort if they are worthy. Sounds cocky and arrogant? Well it's not; It is confidence and knowing your own worth. That is the difference between being a boy and a man. I don't waste my time playing games because I am not trying to win anything. A lot of guys ask me how do I find any good girls in today's world, claiming that every girl is a skank or a whore - well I tell these guys, if you are playing the game of manipulation and conquest, why wouldn't the women you attract be the same kind of worthless people as you?

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Like attracts like. If you are a womanizer, then the universe is going to set you up with a nice man-eater for you to handle or with a head case who is so insecure that she falls for silly games. Sure, you may snag a good girl into one of your traps, but it won't last forever, and when you are exposed, not only did you just hurt a good person, but your ego will get crushed as a result when this girl moves on and finds a real man - and trust me, she will. The only people that are worthy of actually getting to know me will see the real me, that is why I quickly filter out people who show any sign of things that I wouldn't want in my reality.

If you met me today, I wouldn't even show any interest in you unless I found you interesting. It seems kind of cold but my time and energy are precious. I would come off as a boring quiet person with no charisma or signs of care, and there is a reason for it. Why would I want to attract people that I'm not interested in? I don't need everyone on earth to like me nor every girl to want to sleep with me because this isn't high school anymore. It's time to grow up folks. You must realize it takes too much energy to develop meaningless superficial relationships just for a five second orgasm.

Good job buddy, you just wasted two weeks of your life, a ton of money, and created a fake connection with someone for a five second orgasm followed by a temporary ego boost that is going to fade one hour later, and now you have to find an excuse to kick them out of your place because you actually don't even like the person. Then you repeat the process week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Did you ever stop and wonder how much of your time, money, and life energy you've spent on being fake? It's not even financially logical if you think about it.

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When you become a real man, you start to disqualify women. It is like you have acquired their power of selection. The roll is reversed and you now have the power. They have to prove themselves to you; YOU become the chooser and you run the show. That is the power of a real man.

Unlike the guys who have the ego of a 15 year old high school student, real men don't have time to waste. If I see a red flag, I don't care who you are or how hot you may be, you're done. If you don't have a personality or a sense of humor, you're done. Those are just some of my standards; what are yours?

Is any girl worthy of your time, money, trust, and energy? If so, then you're not such a hot commodity and you are not worthy of quality women.


No mature, stable, self-respecting woman would even waste her breath on a boy like you. In conclusion, instead of being a mindless sexual zombie thinking with your other head, wake up and notice what you're doing. Notice that you are in a vicious cycle of sexual addiction, and until you get out of that, you aren't going to meet ANYONE worth your while. Being a womanizer is fake, it hurts people, and devalues you as a man.

Trust me, once you become a real man, you will have a ton of real women to enjoy in your life. In fact, you will have more women with less headaches because everything is out on the table from day one. If you want to become a real man, you have take off the mask and put on your shining armor. With all the games aside, you can enjoy real relationships with real people, but until you break free from a womanizing lifestyle, you will remain a slave to your own sexual addiction and be surrounded by fake, insecure people.

If you want out of this fake lifestyle, all you have to do is start being real with yourself and others. It won't be easy, but as long as you stand your ground, it will be worth it in the long run. Great question. May 28 '12 at Man-eater is one term sometimes used.

Psychological Profile of Womanizers: The 10 Types of Players (W/ Videos)

Neil Coffey Neil Coffey Yes, as a biological term it means something else. Sometimes words have more than one meaning. Shocking fact: Wikipedia doesn't contain all of the knowledge in the universe. But it is nevertheless the best option I see. Gorpik: You're correct that man-eater is a bit more disparaging than womaniser; it implies predatory as well as sexual. However, it's probably as close as you can get. Gender biases in English mean that there often isn't an exact equivalent.

You could say vamp. Bravo Bravo One problem with vamp is that a significant part of the meaning is that she is using her sexuality to gain non-sexual benefits. My dictionary Websters 2nd edition has "A woman who uses her charms.. Sex is what we want! Bill Lefurgy Bill Lefurgy 1, 3 3 gold badges 12 12 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges. Cameron Cameron 6, 1 1 gold badge 25 25 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. Given that hay men can certainly be boy-crazy — and often are : — I wonder whether gay women can be womanizers?

I think womaniser definitely carries connotations of exploitation or manipulation. Or maybe just a level of emotional detachment. I'm aware I'm arguing with the OED here, not you. Ralph Dratman Ralph Dratman 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. Jodrell Jodrell 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. KonradRudolph, totally agree, all these terms are traditioanlly derogatory and while womanizing is not necessarily encouraged it is often deemed more acceptible.

Certainly in eighteenth century england women were still burned at the stake for Petit Treason. A history I found truly bizarre for a "civilized" society, not dissimilar to contemporary stonings. Konrad: Slut is in fact often the word that comes to mind; the double-standard you mention has been a point of contention for some time.

From Wikipedia : Feminism has traditionally argued that there is a significant double standard between how men and women are judged for promiscuity. Historically, stereotypes of the promiscuous woman have tended to be negative, such as "the slut", while male stereotypes have been more varied, some expressing approval, such as "the stud", while others imply societal deviance, such as "a womanizer". Surely the argument is more or less universal in modern societies, not just among feminists?

It's entirely different in its connotations. It has the same denotation , with gender changed, as "slut", and thus is a "sort of equivalent". Not the nicest or most proper word, but IMO definitely the most accurate. Promiscuous might not be a bad choice either. Vector Vector 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Why do you simply repeat what you said before, after I cited the dictionary definition of cougar , and explained the fallacy in your logic? If you want to make a meaningful contribution, refute what I said.

If I were a cougar, I think I'd take slut as a compliment, way before I was cool with you calling me a cougar. What about wench? Wench , historically, marks standing rather than behaviour.

02. Womanizer [Piece Of Me 2.0 Studio Version]

Expand your answer with a dictionary definition instead of adding junk to reach the 30 character limit. Even to the extent that wench does imply sexual behaviour, it ties that behaviour implicitly to the lower classes. Womaniser , on the other hand, is quite likely to be applied to more upper class men. What about it? It obviously is not the correct answer. Featured on Meta.

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The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)
The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition) The Mind Of A Womanizer (New Edition)

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